The committee have revised the club dress code as detailed below. Please note members, members guests and others using the course or clubhouse must therefore, adhere to the following club dress rules:

- No football or rugby shirts

- No shirts without collar and sleeves (Ladies are exempt provided it is customised golf attire)

- Shorts must be tailored, not cut-down and no Bermuda or cycle shorts

- Blue denim jeans shall not be worn on the golf course (except by greens staff)

- Tracksuits and shell suits shall not be worn in the clubhouse or on the course

- Golfers shall only wear golf shoes or trainers when playing golf. (Trainers should have soles which do not damage the greens or tees)

For any infringement of these rules the offending golfer shall be given a warning as to his dress code and the club secretary shall record their name.

Repeat offenders will be subject to a minimum of a one month ban, which will be confirmed by the general committee and the offending member will be notified in writing by the club secretary.

If a visitor infringes the dress rules then the host member shall incur the above penalty.

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Bookings only, Members please note that a preferred lie maybe taken on the 3rd fairway between the blue lines (gully). A lift clean and place (6 inches from original spot) not nearer the hole.
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